"Create your own niche and be the Boss" is Darlena Swann's motto, the founder and visionary of Boss Lady Enterprise - motivational speaker, author, and former freelance model.  She was born in Pinehurst, North  Carolina. In addition to North Carolina, she has lived in California, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

This talented individual received her undergraduate B.S. degree from East Carolina University and graduated Cum Laude from  Strayer University with a Master of Business Administration. She has  several years of experience in community volunteer service and a track  record of youth involvement which includes 4-H youth program, Moore  Buddies Governor's one-on-one mentoring program, youth advisor for civil  rights, and served as a Girl Scouts co-leader. She additionally has  five years of managerial experience in healthcare administration and two years of project management.

Darlena was inspired to envision  Boss Lady Enterprise in response to her loss of four contract jobs  during the same year, which caused some financial hardship and despair.  Instead of focusing on problems she began to focus more on solutions.  She's always been fueled by social change and enjoys working within the  community. Her passion consists of  community outreach service, professional development, and youth mentoring which was inspired by her mother who was a teacher and an influential community leader.

Despite the challenges  she has faced in the job market, Darlena always wanted the opportunity  to become her own boss and focus on doing something that's rewarding and provides fulfillment. What really motivates her is finding ways to reinvent  herself  while enjoying flexibility and freedom.

During her spare time  she enjoys traveling, reading, creative writing, scrapbooking, photography, theatrical arts, yoga, aerobics, zumba, and listening to Jazz music.  Currently, Darlena is a proud supporter of  breast cancer awareness, leadership enrichment, and an advocate for health & fitness.  Also, she believes community volunteer service isn't  just about giving back for a cause, but making a difference by serving others.